Investment in a vision

We measure success by the radiant smile we put on peoples faces. That has little to do with with money, but much more with surprising people with something they don’t expect.

Therefore, when we talk about “investment”, we are not just talking about financial success. Because at a time when nature is increasingly losing its presence and people are increasingly losing their trust, we see it as our duty never to look at an investment solely from the financial side. So for us, investing also means investing in people to give them confidence, hope and trust.

So we always ask:

  • What are the consequences of a financial investment for people in the region?
  • What are the consequences of a financial investment for nature around?

Thus, less financial gain can mean more gain for people and nature. Only the sum of all aspects defines our success. Since our idea also includes people, the term “sustainable investment” is not enough for us.

We call that

Holistic Investment.

Thus, with each of your investments, you also become an active part of the people and nature of the Dominican Republic.

But what does that look like in practice?

Investment in people

dominican republic investment in people

Without people who support us, we are nothing. Without people who are enthusiastic about us and our projects, we are nothing. That is why we consider every single person involved in one of our projects as an equal partner on an equal footing and not as a helper. So how can we support local people with our projects?

  • Of course, we create jobs through planning and construction activities alone.

  • However, we additionally attach importance to appreciative payment of the persons involved. But our investment, and therefore yours, does not end with the completion of a project.

  • Our profits will also largely flow back into the region and thus into the people. We will report on the individual projects in each case.

In the meantime, IDAMAR has acquired a reputable and reliable reputation in the Dominican Republic in a very short time, which is also spreading among the population. As part of the IDAMAR family, you benefit from this and at the same time automatically invest in the people and nature of the Dominican Republic.

Investment in nature

Investment in Dominican Republic nature

Man needs nature, nature does not need man. For this reason, we try to show the best possible respect for nature with every project.

  • The planning does not include maximum yield, but the respectful integration of nature and the natural conditions.

  • That means, the plot will still only be cleared once buyers have purchased the land and we know how much space we need for the buildings. Conservation instead of reforestation is the top priority. Every tree has a story, and IDAMAR want’s to be a part of as many future stories as possible.

  • We also make it a point to sensitize our customers to the natural conditions on site. That is why when you buy you will receive information about the vegetation and wildlife on site

Luxury and respect for people and nature must not be mutually exclusive. Our vision is a togetherness that puts a radiant smile on everyone’s face.

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