5 reasons for a collaboration with IDAMAR

5 reasons for a collaboration with IDAMAR

1. German reliability & Swiss quality

A USP of IDAMAR is the mix of the international development team, which follows the unshakable principle for which the respective countries of origin of the team members stand. From planning to implementation, from the initial contact to support after moving in or the management of the finished property, we value Swiss quality and German reliability. We stand for a partner who offers much more than just “houses for sale”. We don’t promise anything we can’t keep. And what we are not sure if we can keep, we do not promise either! Promised!

2. Locals in IDAMAR management

Swiss quality and German reliability are of little value in a foreign country if there is only purely business contact with the locals. Supplemented by the know-how of native Dominicans in the core team, however, there is precisely this family contact. IDAMAR is not a separate, foreign cosmos but part of the Dominican family. This also makes it easy for us to introduce our customers to this family. We call this IDAMAR Friends.

3. IDAMAR Family

IDAMAR Family is far more than just “everything from a single source”. Of course, IDAMAR Family means on the one hand comprehensive support, from initial information about the purchase to support with visits to the authorities, purchases and school registration or administration (facility management) and rental. But above all it means the integration of our customers into the Dominican society. Because that is exactly what makes the significant difference to a “stranger” in everyday life.

More about IDAMAR Family you find here.

4. Over 20 years of experience in the international financial sector

Investments have been our business for decades. We know the market and it is precisely for this reason that we can speak with the deepest conviction that the Dominican Republic currently represents a unique mix of current quality of life, excellent economic perspective and extremely positive investment forecasts. We document this deep conviction above all by the fact that our properties are predominantly self-financed and are therefore 100% in our own hands.

5. Security concept from German experts for all habitats developed by IDAMAR

Despite the security situation, which has improved disproportionately over the years, customers (as in safe countries such as Germany, Spain, etc.) often value a high security standard in their own living environment. In order to do justice to this to the highest degree, security concepts were/are developed for all living spaces developed by IDAMAR by a renowned German company whose customers are located all over the world at the highest level. Depending on the individual situation and customer wishes, this can at best be adapted to personal needs in advance, because a customer who has children and regularly expects high-ranking guests has different needs than a customer who wants to spend a quiet retirement here. Also, and especially here, the same applies: Swiss quality and German reliability!

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