5 reasons for living in the Dominican Republic

5 reasons for living in the Dominican Republic

1. Warmth, friendliness and openness of the Dominican people

Dominican people
Dominican people

The people of the Dominican Republic are known for their hospitality, their openness and their natural and genuine friendliness. Her warmth can be felt everywhere. The sparkling vitality also has its origins in the mixed roots from Africa and Europe, Asia, the Middle East and of course the Taíno Indians. The country is a fascinating melting pot of different cultures. This is reflected in the cuisine, music, festivals and traditions. You will quickly make friends with the compatriots. You can find out more about the people here.

2. Indescribable nature of the Dominican Republic​

dominican republic landscape
Awsome views all over the country

Naturally, nature is one of the most impressive arguments for the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic you will find what is probably the greatest variety of different landscapes in the entire Caribbean. Sunny sandy beaches and refreshingly cool mountains with villages that are more than 500 m above sea level are close together. The country’s famous coastline offers over 1,600 km of breathtakingly beautiful and easily accessible beaches. Nevertheless, the republic is characterized by mountainous landscapes.
Over 25% of the national territory are protected areas, but are mostly easily accessible. Lush valleys, cloud forests, national parks on land and under water, rivers, imposing waterfalls, coral islands, caves from the Taíno Indian era hidden deep in the dense rainforest, pine forests, all this can be found on the island. The saltwater lake “Lago Enriquillo”, which is larger than Manhattan, is 40 m below sea level, making it the lowest point in the Caribbean. Even connoisseurs of other tropical climate zones will be impressed by this variety. We have summed up the most impressive places here.

3. Unique Caribbean flair

Describing Caribbean flair and livestyle in the Dominican Republic, always leads to poor execution. It’s a feeling that you can only get when you’re there. Everyone who has been there knows this feeling and most people long to be able to feel it again and again. We don’t even want to try to describe it at this point. Come on site and you will understand.

4. Excellent medical care

dominican republic healthThe very professional medical care on site is often completely underestimated. Precisely the fact that the medical care requirements of foreign citizens from all over the world are very high, ensure constant adjustment to the highest global standards, also combined with alternative healing methods.

Santo Domingo has excellent private hospitals and clinics with world-class technology and amenities. This also applies to the other major city of the Dominican Republic, Santiago. Their employees are mostly bilingual and usually enjoyed a very good education in the USA. These hospitals will even perform organ transplants and other major surgeries. They also have good psychiatric care. Many important tourist areas, such as the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and Sosúa have first-class facilities. They offer some of the best healthcare in the Dominican Republic for expats. While these facilities are not as large as those in Santo Domingo and Santiago, they do have all the amenities and technologies. However, they provide quality care and the staff mostly speaks English.

5. Low cost of living

Did you know that the cost of living index is based on New York City values? This city therefore represents the value 100 (%) in an international comparison. The cost of living index (without rent) in the Dominican Republic is (as of September 2022) at 42.53%1, which is roughly comparable to Portugal. For comparison2:

    1. Spain: 47.51%
    2. France: 65.5%
    3. Germany: 59.62% (strong upward trend)
    4. Switzerland: 110%

The latest Mercer Cost of Living survey 20223 ranks the Dominican Republic in 173 of 227. So you can benefit from this fact!

The island also has plenty of employment opportunities. Those who come to the island for work often take up jobs at embassies, NGOs, international schools and Free-Zone factories.


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